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The Tarot works with universal symbolism and the unconscious mind to create windows into spaces that you didn't previously know were there.


The foundational In-House Tarot course for businesses and organisations shares some of the structure of this symbology and provides some simple ways to use the tarot to shift perspectives, communicate with clarity, problem solve and forward plan. A fun and exciting way to bring the team together to examine, celebrate and develop company culture, explore relationships within the business and with clients, and inspire to success.


Further In-House Tarot courses are then available on a build-to-match basis, to match your outcomes and the organisation's values.


I have said for many years that the Tarot is not just Tarot, and when delivering an In-House Tarot workshop, of course I bring my experience training in Psychologically Informed Environments, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness with me.

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In-House Tarot for Companies and Organisations