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What is NLP Training by Mentorship?


NLP Training by Mentorship is a flexible, more personal way to learn NLP to any level through blended learning and one-on-one sessions. With my co-trainer Dr Janice Russell, who also happens to be one of my own mentors, I am now pleased to be able to offer NLP training to individuals through a blend of one-to-one teaching, coaching, and feedback, a variety of materials as online resources, and the option to attend group training and assessment days. Your NLP Training by Mentorship journey can take place face-to-face or at a distance - the beauty is, that it's tailored to suit you.


Who is NLP Training by Mentorship good for?


Training by mentorship works particularly well for those who aren't able to attend the full live courses, and who are already working in or moving towards contexts where they would like to put their learning into practice.


NLP Training by Mentorship is flexible and highly tailored to your learning and development needs.


So, if you think an NLP certificate might be the next step on your path, or you might get something out of this particular adventure, just get in touch and we'll have a chat about where we go next.

NLP by Mentorship