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How do geniuses do what they do? What is the best standard I could possibly get to? How could I learn to do things better? Who should I learn from? How can I improve what I do?


If you find yourself asking any of these questions then you may be surprised at how much you would get from NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the study and science of excellence.


Often NLP is presented just as a set of techniques about communication. While NLP will enhance your communication skills, it is also a modelling technology that can assist you to overcome fears, limitations and do ANYTHING better than you do now: it’s about learning about the differences that make the difference.


People invite us to introduce NLP approaches in diverse settings


Health Trusts: enabling nurses to deliver a more empowering service

SME’s: creating growth, developing managerial skill

Corporates: developing powerful communication strategies

Voluntary:  working with the homeless

International: aiding victims of war in recovery

Personal: overcoming phobias, breaking and creating habits

Developing Personal and Professional Excellence

So dare to be different – contact us to know more about our NLP provision. We will happily provide you  a personal consultation or business presentation.

NLP Training Partnership


I'm proud to say that I co-train NLP with the best in the business. Dr Janice Russell is a double certified trainer in NLP, heads up the creation of ethical and applied NLP training in the Lincolnshire region and works extensively on blended learning and engagement programmes in Senior Management. She is a visiting Senior Fellow (Business Coaching) at the University of Lincoln and external examiner (Coaching) at the University of East London. Jan is a creative trainer, and actively pursues and incorporates innovation within evidence based programmes.


Jan and I work together to design and deliver NLP and other professional trainings in the Algarve and the UK.

Jan Russell Dexter

"Really enjoyable and I have learnt so much.... thank you so much Jan and Kez"

In-house course delegate, March 2019


"The quality was very in-depth, informative and inclusive."

In-house course delegate, March 2019


"Really fab course and will certainly be more conscious of my approaches in the future."

In-house course delegate, March 2019


NLP Training By Mentorship