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The Programme

This seven day course is designed to give delegates a solid foundation in NLP, with the ethos of principled self-application as well as NLP as an approach to use with other people. In our experience this matches the values of both personal and professional development, resulting in quick changes which impact performance, and slower-burning changes which influence progression.


What is NLP?

Presuppositions of NLP and their power in your life and work

Rapport with oomph: creating impact

The how of thinking: representational systems

Well Formed Outcomes: knowing what you want and supporting clients to know what they want

Effect of representational systems on state and behaviour

Flexibility: widening our choice of representation

Sub-modalities: an introduction

The Art of Calibration

In a right state  How to choose the state you want

Creating our own experience: Frames and Reframing

Perceptual Positions

Levels of Change: Dilts’ neurological levels

Using sub-modalities for change

Simple mapping across

Choose the beliefs that serve you well: introduction to belief change

Logical levels of change

Meta Model: the first model of NLP

Revisiting Well Formed Outcomes: knowing what you and others want

Milton Model: the secret to transformational change through rapport

Application: the classic ‘n’ step reframe

Story telling: creating well formed metaphors

Creating personal narratives

Application: parts integration, change personal history

Application: the Disney Model for choosing powerful futures


Ethical, Dynamic Tuition


Dr Jan Russell Dexter has been teaching NLP for over two decades and is accredited as a trainer by both the ANLP and ITANLP. Jan has developed her own feel for how to build and integrate NLP as a set of principles, and heads up the creation of ethical and applied NLP training in the Lincolnshire region of the UK and the Algarve in Portugal.


Keziah Gibbons is a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an internationally-recognised meditation teacher. She is known for her gentle wisdom and soulful intent, underpinned by specialist training in energy medicine, neurolinguistic communication and mindfulness. Her specialisms are in mindfulness, energy medicine and the unconscious mind. She has created neuro-linguistically structured models on Pain Management and Storytelling and is interested in creative applications of neuro-linguistic techniques towards learning, engagement and resilience.


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