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Reiki Certificate Courses


Reiki I: Self-Healing


This is where you start with Reiki, which is Universal Life Force Energy, a gentle healing energy which promotes peace, balance and relaxation.


Receive your first connection with the Reiki energy, learn some simple techniques for self-healing, how to treat family and friends, and explore the Reiki precepts.


Certification course.


Pre-requisites: none

Course duration: 2 days

Investment: €165 (day rate) / €375 (residential)


Reiki II: Practitioner


This is the level you'd want to be at before you practiced Reiki professionally, but many people take Reiki II simply for their own personal development.


Receive further attunements and empowerments, meet some new energies and the symbols and sounds used to work with them, practice treating clients in a professional setting.


Certification course.


Pre-requisites: Reiki I; minimum of three months' daily practice at Reiki I level

Course duration: 3 days

Investment: €215 (day rate) / €435 (residential)


Reiki Master/Teacher


For those who are firmly committed to the Reiki path.


Receive Master level attunements and empowerments, work with Master level energies, symbols, sounds and meditations. Learn to give attunements and empowerments to others and how to structure a course. Teaching practice.


Pre-requisites: Reiki II; minimum of six months' daily practice at Reiki II level; completion of pre-work

Course duration: 3 days + 1 assessed teaching session

Investment: €465 (day rate) / €765 (residential)


Reiki Workshops


Living the Reiki Precepts


Just for today: do not anger; do not worry; be humble; be honest; be compassionate


The Reiki precepts are very simple, but not always easy to follow, all the time! In this practical workshop, explore some ways that you can bring the Reiki precepts into your daily life. From the author of Living the Reiki Precepts.


Pre-requisites: Reiki I

Workshop duration: 4 hours

Investment: €25


Reiki Drum Workshop

Next date: Saturday 2nd November 2019


The Reiki Drum technique is a fusion of the gentle healing energy of Reiki and the deep shamanic power of the drum. In this workshop, you will experience a Reiki Drum meditation and each of the three Reiki Drum healing treatments. You are welcome to bring along your own drum or rattle to join in but you do not have to have one.


Pre-requisites: Reiki I

Workshop duration: 3 hours

Investment: €25


Reiki Deepening


For those who have experience as a Reiki Practitioner, but who do not yet wish to go on to Master/Teacher.


You will learn the energy meditations and practices required to move on to Master level and how to apply them to yourself and with clients.


Should you decide to then move on to the Master/Teacher certificate, this course can be converted.


Pre-requisites: Reiki II; minimum of six months' daily practice at Reiki II level; completion of pre-work

Course duration: 1.5 days

Investment: €159

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