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The Reiki Drum Technique


A 2-day practical course for Reiki Practitioners and Masters


22nd & 23rd February 2020


The Reiki Drum Technique is a powerful technique to add to your Reiki toolbox.


What you will learn:


You and your drum will be attuned together


Reiki Drum Healing - using the drum in your Reiki treatments


Mental Emotional Reprogramming - using Reiki, drumming, and neurolinguistics to change the heart and mind


Reiki Drum Journeying - a shamanic technique


You will receive as well as learn each of these healings, because we cannot heal others without healing ourselves!


This is a two day full course and you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Please note the drum is not included although I can recommend a drum if you need to buy one.


Investment: €120


Location: Figueira


22nd & 23rd February, 10am-5pm


Pre-booking essential: call Keziah on 927329263




"It was one of those significant moments in life. It was November 2013 and I was in London at the Reiki Evolution national gathering. The afternoon was almost over, it was time to go home, and there sat I, crying my eyes out, with a huge release of energy, and the relief of the newly initiated.


I had just finished my first Reiki Drum Journey, and I knew that here was the next step on my spiritual path.


The Reiki Drum Journey is more gentle than some other shamanic work (such as those practices that require interaction with the hallucinogenic energies of medicinal plants, for example), but even so, it’s a powerful experience. The Reiki holds a safe and sacred space in which to do the work. The repetitive drumbeat influences the rhythm of your brainwaves, allowing access to a deep hypnotic state. And from there, you can Journey.


Holding their intention close, the journeyer searches for an energetic bridge; on the other side: Non-Ordinary Reality. This is an energetic reality that lies alongside of, inside and outside of our own, always close but not always perceptible. In the Non-Ordinary Reality, it is possible to find answers, insights, and resources to bring back to ordinary reality, or even to effect changes inside the journey which change the energies here. Because here and there are the same thing. It’s a powerful technique, best approached with respect and with the support of an experienced practitioner.


There are other Reiki Drum techniques which are more like a traditional Reiki treatment. In a session of Reiki Drum healing, the client receives Reiki healing both through and from the drum and by the manual application of Reiki healing. Or mental-emotional reprogramming, in which an affirmation is literally ‘drummed in’ to the client’s energetic field.


I did my Reiki Drum training the next summer, in a yurt in the middle of the English countryside. It was a course full of power and joy, and my next step on that spiritual path that I had discovered. A path which continues today.


In every session, my students ask me if we’ll be journeying today. Clients react with comments like, “That was so…. cool!”, or with compelling healing and regeneration. And me? Yes, I continue my journey with my beloved drum, a journey which, surely and thankfully, has many more steps to it."

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