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"This book is very useful and insightful for anyone with an interest in Reiki, whether it's having healing or becoming a practitioner. It explores the precepts and offers ways to help live your life by them. It gives clear interpretations of each precept that are very relevant in today's world, followed by recommended exercises and meditations that are a perfect match for the precept, easy to follow and varied so that there is something to suit different styles and needs. It can either be read as a whole or in sections, practicing one precept at a time." 5 stars, Amazon customer


Reiki Precepts Meditations, an album of accompanying guided meditations, is now available directly from me, as well as at all the usual outlets.


A selection of eleven delightful meditations with Reiki or towards one of the Reiki precepts. Follow Keziah's gentle voice on a journey of healing, relaxation, and connection with your best self. Enhance your connection with Reiki and bring the Reiki principles gently into your life.

The secret prayer of inviting happiness

The miracle medicine against all illness

today only

do not get angry

do not worry

be grateful

work diligently

be kind towards people

Every morning and evening fold your hands together and

recite from your heart

chant from your mouth

mind and body


Usui Reiki Ryōhō


Usui Mikao

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