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Trust Your Gut and Master the Skills of Intuition - an Insight Timer course


Insight Timer is one of my favourite apps. Their mission is to make meditation available to everyone, for free, and I am proud to be one of the meditation teachers working with the Insight Timer team to help that happen. I also enjoy the app myself in my own personal practice, and recommend it to everyone.


So I was pleased and excited to be asked to create a ten-day course on intuition for Insight Timer. Trust Your Gut is the result of that: an accessibly-priced, deceptively simple, practical journey through intuition over the course of ten sessions, easily listenable through the app.


Create a dynamic, vibrant relationship with your own intuition and embrace a deep understanding of what intuition really is.


Through theory and practice, we will be looking at what intuition is and how to use it. Everybody has intuition; the magic is in recognising and trusting the feeling, and these are skills that can be learned and practised! By the end of this course you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop and maintain a lasting relationship with your intuition, as well as the awareness needed to listen to it.


Join the course on Insight Timer:

* Subscription model from $5/month

* Access to hundreds of other courses and premium meditations

* In-app classroom support


Download directly from me:

* One-off payment of €19.99

* All lessons and guided practices to download or stream

* Audio only

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